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1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module

1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 1
1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 1
1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 2
1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 3
1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 4
1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module 5
Product Name : 1080P Seletable Mini USB WiFi Camera Module
Product ID : HAG-SCWM
Video Resolution : 1960*1080/1280*960
Video Format : AVI
Frame Rate : 30fps
View angle : 90°
Battery capacity : 2700MA

Product Features: 

1. Flexible appearance and easy to carry;

2. Large battery capacity can work long hours;

3. With hidden video function; 

4. Working while charging; 

5. Many functions in 1: Photo, video with sound recording, motion detection and alarm etc ;

6. Point-to-point connection, can work without a network connection; 

4000mAh APP Control AVI Wireless CMOS 1080P Hidden Mini WiFi Camera Module

Main Functions Description:

1) Time setting

Open system management page--click time setting--select time zone--synchronize with host


2) Administrator password setting

Open "change password" --type in the new password--confirm the new password--save.

3) Change the password of device (original password: 8888)

Open "network setting" --P2P setting--type in the new password--save--return to system

management to reboot the device. (it can also be set remotely by APP).

4) Alarm setting

Open "alarm setting" --start alarm setting--click IP Camera built-in--select the required sensitivity.

(Option 6 is suggested)

5) SD card setting

SD card should be formatted for the first time to insert--enter in SD card setting to select the needed

function before setting other functions.

6) View the content of SD card

Plug out the card directly and read with a card reader.

Open SD card video recording page, select and save the video file to be viewed.


Pixel 5 megapixel CMOS
Resolution 1080P/720P/480P Selectable
Video format AVI
Frames 25
View angle 90°
Distance of motion detection shooting 6 m straight-line distance 
Minimum illumination 1LUX
Battery capacity 2700MA
Continuous shooting time Above 4 hours 
Compressed format H.264
Sound recording range 5
Power consumption 260MA/3.7V
Storage temperature -20-80ºC
Operating temperature -10-60ºC
Operating humidity 15-85%RH
Type of memory card TF card 
Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB
Play software VLCPlayer / SMPlayer
Computer operation system Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile phone operation system Android / iOS
Web browser IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc
Most important customers 4

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