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Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs)

Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs) 1
Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs) 1
Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs) 2
Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs) 3
Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs) 4
Product Name : Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs)
Product ID : HAG-353
Antennas for Jammer : Model HAG-C354

Product Description

  Have you ever bought and used a cell phone jammer with GSM jammer antenna? The jammer is a wonderful gadget; it could block the signals of cell phones and keep a quiet world for us. However, what will you deal with the jammer if one of the antennas is broken?  Throw it away? It's exceedingly wasteful; meanwhile, the discarded jammer will pollute the environment. Here is the best solution to this issue-Cell Phone Jammer Antenna (3pcs). Just like the original antennas allocated on the cell phone jammer, those antennas are suitable for the jammer, too. Once your original antennas are broken, you could buy these phone signal shield and replace the broken once, so that your jammer could work again.
  Are you still pondering? Just purchase some antennas for unexpected needs, you will felicitate about your choice!    
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  • 3pcs Cell Phone Jammer Antennas

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