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Portable GPS Jammer (GPSL1 L2)

Portable GPS Jammer (GPSL1 L2) 1
Product Name : Portable GPS Jammer (GPSL1 L2)
Product ID : HAG-G266
Single output power : 300mW/band
Jamming range : Radius up to 20m
Frequency Band : Global GPS System L1 & L2
First time battery charge : 3 hours up
Size : 110mm (H) x62mm (L) x30mm (D) (Not include antenna)

Product Description

GPS jammer is the most direct and simple way to get rid of anti-tracking and thus protect personal privacy. No one would feel comfortable if there is the possibility of being tracked wherever they go. The portable GPS jammer GPSL1/L2 is a convenient and easy to operate GPS signal blocker available to deal with that situation.

The GPS jammer, with compact and robust construction, is of great portability for any users. The powerful portable jammer can work efficiently to prevent GPS tracking devices from communicating with the base station by blocking the transmission of signals. This exact GPS jammer is designed to jam specifically L1 and L2 bands. The jamming range reaches up to 20m depending on the signal strength given at the area. That is to say, the GPS jammer can bring a secure space approximately up to 20m, which is far enough to cover a individual or a large car.

The palm size GPS signal jammer is especially for anti-tracking car use while it can be powered simply by plugging it into the car cigarette lighter. If you suspect that someone might be tracking your position with GPS enabled devices when driving, you can just turn on the jammer to disable the communication of GPS signals.

Product Notes:

  • Support charge while using.

  • Support powered by car cigarette adapter.


  • Global GPS System L1 & L2

  • TX frequency:    

A:   1227.6MHz

B:   1575.42MHz

  • Output power:    

A:   +25dBm / 300mW

B:   +25dBm / 300mW

  • Battery: Ni-MH battery DC12V/1600mA/h

  • Continue using time:90 minute

  • First time battery charge:3 hours up

  • Size:110mm (H) x62mm (L) x30mm (D) (Not include antenna)

  • Weight:200 g

  • Humidity:5% ~ 80%

  • Operating temperature:-10°C ~ +60°C

  • Jamming range:Radius up to  20m


  • Power adaptor

  • Antennas

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