K302 16-Channel Desktop Jammer (40 meters)



K302 offers 2 options to choose from, each with different capabilities. Please choose carefully according to your need.

  1. k302-A: Mobile Phone 4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4/5.8G+ GPSL1L2 + Walkie-Talkie & Wireless Headset/Microphone
  2. k302-B: Mobile Phone 4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4G5.8G+ GPSL1L2 +Walkie-Talkie UHF/VHF+ Wireless Camera 1.2GHz
Output Power: Total 40W,1-3W each band
Range: 40 meters
Power Supply: AC110-240V to DC12V
Cooling System:
Aluminum alloy radiator, Build-in 4 cooling fan
Battery: 10000mAh
Battery Life: 120 minutes
Product Size:
410x 238x 60 mm (without Antenna)
Product Weight: 6.5 Kg
Package Includes:
Device x 1, AC adapter x 1,antenna x16,Car storage battery cable x1


Antenna Information

Specifications for Each Channels

The specifications provided for each channel are based on the item for the USA as a reference. As different countries operate on varying frequency ranges, we will fine-tune the frequency range according to your country before shipping to ensure the effectiveness of our products.


Channel Output Port Frequency Range
Output power
1 VHF 130-190MHz 35dbm / 3W
2 UHF or CDMA450 400-470 or 450-470MHz 35dbm / 3W
3 RC315 315MHz 35dbm / 3W
4 RC433 433MHz 35dbm / 3W
5 4G1 LTE 700 700-803 or 790-826MHz 35dbm / 3W
6 4G2 LTE 1700 1710-1780MHz 33dbm / 2W
7 GSM or CDMA 925-960 or 850-894MHz 35dbm / 3W
8 DCS or PCS 1805-1880-1920-1990MHz 33dbm / 2W
9 3G 2110-2170MHz 33dbm / 2W
10 4G LTE 2600 2500-2690 MHz 30dbm / 1W
11 Wi-Fi 2.4G+4G2300 2300-2500MHz 30dbm / 1W
12 GPSL1 1570-1580MHz 33dbm / 2W
13 GPSL2+L5 or Wireless Camera 1 1170-1280MHz 33dbm / 2W
14 GPSL3+L4 or Wireless Camera 2 1280-1390MHz 33dbm / 2W
15 Wireless Camera 3 1000-1170MHz 33dbm / 2W
16 LOJACK& XM radio 167-175MHz 35dbm / 3W
Channel Output Port Frequency Range
Output Power
1 VHF1 130-190MHz 35dbm / 3W
2 UHF2 190-300MHz 35dbm / 3W
3 UHF3 300-400MHz 35dbm / 3W
4 UHF4 400-500MHz 35dbm / 3W
5 4G1 LTE 700 700-803 or 790-826MHz 35dbm / 3W
6 4G2 LTE 1700 1710-1780MHz 33dbm / 2W
7 CDMA 851-894MHz 35dbm / 3W
8 GSM 925-960MHz 35dbm / 3W
9 DCS&PCS 1805-1990MHz 33dbm / 2W
10 3G 2110-2170MHz 33dbm / 2W
11 4G LTE 2600 2500-2690 MHz 30dbm / 1W
12 Wi-Fi 2.4G+4G2300 2300-2500MHz 30dbm / 1W
13 Wi-Fi 5.8G 5725-5850MHz 30dbm / 1W
14 GPSL1 1570-1580MHz 33dbm / 2W
15 GPSL2+L5 1170-1280MHz 33dbm / 2W
16 LOJACK& XM radio 167-175MHz 35dbm / 3W

16 Channel


40 meters



Output Power


Turnaround Time

Please noted that all our products are made to order. Once your order is confirmed, it takes us about 5 business days to produce your item. During this time, we rigorously test everything to make sure it works perfectly in your country. After the testing phase, we hand it off to the fastest courier service available, which usually gets your order to you in 5 to 7 days. So, you can expect to receive your order within 10 to 12 days after confirmation


Can you ship your products to my country?

Absolutely! We use international shipping, so no matter where you are on the planet, we've got you covered.

Which courier do you use?

We primarily use DHL. If DHL doesn't serve your area, we'll switch to UPS or FedEx.

How can I track my package?

You'll get an email with your DHL tracking ID around the sixth day after order confirmation. You can use this ID to track your package on the DHL website.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, it is. The outer packaging will be labeled as containing other electronic products.

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All orders are shipped from Hong Kong.

I didn't receive my order.

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