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What Are Signal Jammers?

If there were a ranking of tech products with both significant benefits and drawbacks for humanity, signal jammers would undoubtedly have a spot on that list. As the name suggests, a signal jammer disrupts signals, making it impossible for the receiver to understand what the sender is transmitting. Also known as channel jammers, they are essentially the same thing—a high-tech tool capable of severing communication links.

How Does Signal Jammers Work?

Imagine this: you're on a phone call, and someone next to you starts blasting rock music. You can't hear a thing on the call because of the loud music. That's pretty much how a jammer works. It creates a lot of noise to mess up signal transmission.

A jammer is essentially a powerful noise generator. Once you turn it on, it starts scanning the target frequency bands. If you're using a phone jammer, for example, it will scan for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G frequencies. Then, it continuously sends out noise signals on these frequencies, making it impossible for phones in the area to connect to their signal towers.

The stronger the jammer, the more powerful the noise signal it creates, which means it can more effectively block phone signals.

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