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Cutting-Edge Cell Phone Jammers: Block Any Signal, Anywhere, Safely

Believe it or not, cell phone jammers aren't some newfangled invention. They've actually been around longer than your first mobile phone. Cell phone jammers are initially used for military purposes only. They are designed to disrupt enemy’s radar and telecommunication system during the electronic warfare. After the Cold War ended, cell phone jammers gradually found their way into civilian life. Today, our telecommunication technology is far more advanced, and we use a wider range of frequencies to make calls and chat with our friends and family. While the primary function of phone jammers remains to block phone signal, the technology has kept pace with the times. Modern jammers can block not just 3G and 4G, but even the latest 5G signals. However, because they can interfere with other people's communications, countries around the world have strict regulations governing their use.

Who Needs Cell Phone Jammers?

You might wonder, with all the legal restrictions, who actually needs a phone jammer?

Well, who better to answer that question than us?

We have to admit that even the most dangerous tools, like knives, can be used for good. The thing is there are some cases where cell phone usage just isn’t allowed. However, you can’t trust people to follow the rules all the time. Therefore, you may want to use a blocker. As a professional cell phone jammer manufacturer, our products are primarily used in exam halls in school and prisons. Our products are also used in workplaces to prevent eavesdropping and information leaks. We also have customers who install jammers at home, for them we generally recommend low-power models to minimize the impact on neighbors.

Why Should You Trust Our Cell Phone Jamming Devices?

We pride ourselves on our sheer industry experience. The collection of devices you see here is the result of years of research and understanding of the technology, the market, and the different contexts in which these devices may be used. If a mobile phone blocker is what you need, then the chances are that we have something that aligns well with your needs.

No Cell Phones Means NO CELL PHONES

Modern mobile communication is incredibly diverse. Besides traditional phone calls (cellular signals), people can use apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or others for voice calls. If a place needs to be TOTALLY phone-free, all possible communication signals should be thoroughly blocked. Thankfully, our products can block multiple signals including cell phones, Wi-Fi, and GPS at the same time. That means you will be able to block all types of phone call with one single device, no matter what technology they are using.

But you don’t need to worry about jamming too much frequencies. Our jammers come with what is known as a DIP switch, which allows you to control each channel. For example, you can turn on the Wi-Fi and cell phone blocking channels, while disabling the GPS and others.

Our Cell Phone Signal Jammers Are Safe to Use

Are you worried about being discovered for trying to mess with cell phones? Well, you can put that worry behind you. The biggest difference between our products and traditional phone jammers lies in our blocking methodology. We use a safer downlink shielding technology. With that feature, our jammers only block signals from the tower to the phone, without interfering with the phone’s signals back to the tower. You'll still get effective and stable signal blocking within the covered area, but our approach is more discreet and undetectable. If you're interested in learning more about this, check out this article.

Mobile Signal Jammer That Works in Your Country (100%)

Frequency bands of cellular are not universal. For example, the 4G cell phone signals in the United States are working on 700 - 803MHz. But in the EU, they are 758 - 821MHz. What does all this mean? Well, if your phone jammer is configured to work in the USA will NOT work in the EU, that’s it.

Thankfully, we prepare the devices to make our clients happy. When you purchase a cell phone jammer from us, we will use the shipping address associated with the confirmed order to fine-tune it for your country. Therefore, you can look forward to receiving a jammer that works 100% in your country.

Consider These Before Buying a Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Choosing the right mobile phone jammer shouldn't be hard. Here are some factors to consider before making a purchase.

Opt for a handheld cell phone jammer if:

  • You need to use it outdoors
  • You don't need it operate for long periods
  • You don't need to block signals over a long distance (10 - 30 meters)

Opt for a desktop one if:

  • You need to block signals over a long distance
  • You plan to use it in one fixed location without moving it around
  • You need it to operate 24/7

#1 Legal Risk

Legal risk is the first factor you should bear in mind if you're thinking of jamming any mobile phones. You likely did some research on cell phone blockers before you visited this page, and you're now under the impression that these devices are on the wrong side of strict governing rules. No matter your reasons for needing a cell phone signal jammer, we strongly recommend minimizing its impact on those around you. It's best to avoid using phone jammers in public places. If you're curious about the legal risks associated with using phone jammers, feel free to reach out to our sales team for more information.

#2 Be Careful of the Blocking Range

Blocking range speaks to the maximum distance that a jammer can reach when it attempts to block mobile phone signals. Ideally, our jammers can block cell phones between 10 and 80 meters, but many factors can throw that off especially when you are using the jammer indoor. Obstacles like walls can impact the jammer's effectiveness by weakening the signal strength, thereby reducing its overall blocking range.

You may be using a jammer from your bedroom, for example, with the door closed. Would you be able to effectively block a cell phone signal in the kitchen with full effectiveness? That would likely be difficult since the walls can decrease the strength of interference signals sent from the jammer.

If you're going to use your cell phone jammer indoors, we recommend opting for a model with a blocking range of 25 to 40 meters. You might think that's still too far, but considering there are so many obstacles indoors that can weaken the signal, it's wise to have some leeway to ensure your jammer can still meet your needs even with reduced effectiveness. If you have strict requirements for coverage, such as needing seamless coverage throughout your home, you might want to consider purchasing a high-power phone jammer. If you need a more detailed advice on this, please contact our sales team and provide a floor plan of your space. Our engineers will assist you accordingly.

#3 Portable or Desktop? That's the Question

We offer our customers two choices. There are desktop jammers and portable jammers. The portable variations are better for outdoor applications, such as in your car. They are less powerful, lightweight, and have a shorter range. There is a battery inside to make them easy to transport.

Desktop jammers, on the other hand, are heavier, weighing 6 KG to 10 KG. These are better for indoor use or places where there is no need to move frequently. You'll get a better power output and a longer range with this type. If you want to have a jammer activated for a long time, this is a better bet. If you're thinking about buying a desktop phone jammer, the only thing you really need to watch out for is its size. Please don’t just rely on the images to make your decision—make sure to check the exact dimensions listed on our product page.

Everyone has their own reasons for purchasing a cell phone jammer. Please make sure you use it responsibly. If you need help on this, please reach out to our support team.

Customer Reviews

Nice phone jammers
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I ordered three mobile phone jammers for my clients in the Middle East who needed them for use in their classrooms. Since we weren't very familiar with phone jammers, we had a lot of questions for the H&G staff. They were super helpful and gave us detailed answers and plenty of advice. My clients are pretty satisfied with the products. Thank you.
bigger than expected
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For some reason, I needed to block the mobile phone signals at my house. The staff recommended the K417 model and it turned out to be a pretty solid jammer. Later I also bought a desktop unit, which works well too. The only downside is that it's much bigger and bulkier than I expected.

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